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Early Investigation

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Early Investigation after a Truck Accident

Early investigation of a truck accident is crucial.

An early investigation by The Garcia Law Firm can find inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the police accident report. Conducting an investigation is more than just visiting the scene. We have experts who can examine the truck’s ‘black box’ to determine the speed the driver was doing and any extreme braking. We will: • Interview witnesses while their memories are fresh
• Preserve evidence, which can be beneficial while settling your truck accident claim
• Speak to the police officer
• Take pictures of the semi-truck, your vehicle, debris, skid marks, etc.
• Check road conditions, weather conditions
• Obtain a temporary restraining order to prevent trucking company from destroying or concealing evidence
• Investigate the driver’s stops during his trip, check his phone records
• Check for driver negligence (i.e. driver’s logbook to determine hours driven)

A thorough early investigation is necessary to recover the compensation you deserve and determine what caused the accident. Early investigation is critical – talk to witnesses before they forget what happened or before crucial documents are destroyed.

The Garcia Law Firm is prepared to give every client prompt and personal attention while developing your case. If you were injured by a truck driver’s misconduct, talk to one of our attorneys about your options; we will seek justice for you. Call us today at 800-281-8515 and schedule a free, confidential consultation. No detail is too small for us to handle.


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