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Truck Law Violations - Speeding

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Safety is the most important aspect to consider when a trucker gets behind the wheel. A reckless driver is not a safe driver. He or she must abide by the Federal and State laws for truck drivers.

Truck drivers are responsible for complying with Federal and State safe driving laws. A driver found speeding to his next delivery drop-off is not complying with safety laws. He needs to be held accountable for your expenses. If you suspect your trucking accident was due to a driver’s excessive speed, contact The Garcia Law Firm today. We listen, we investigate, and we win!

Speed limits for trucks vary from state to state. The truck driver should be aware of the speed limits in the states he or she drives. Speeding is considered driver error or driver negligence. Speeding is a cause of tension and anxiety and can result in driver fatigue. Speeding and fatigue can be fatal on the road. A speeding truck takes longer to react to prevent disaster.

Excessive Speeds
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that excessive speeding is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. Truck drivers are paid by the number of miles they drive, which gives some an incentive to speed. Once at their destination, they unload their cargo and get on the road with another load.

Truck drivers are under pressure to deliver their cargo and oftentimes have a deadline to meet in a very short time. As a result, drivers choose between driving in excess of regulation hours and speeding to make up the time – thus, falsifying their driving logs, a serious violation.

Hours of Service Logbook
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires truck drivers to keep an accurate account of hour and miles driven. Falsifying logbooks often hide violations that took place. In order for a driver to cover the fact that he or she was speeding, he or she could change the number of hours and miles driven, time spent for breaks, fueling, unloading the cargo, etc. Altering entries make it look like the driver was following regulations that limit their time driving.

Speeding Determination
Speeding is a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. If a truck driver knowingly broke those rules to save time or money, you might be eligible for punitive damages in addition to all other expenses.

The attorneys at The Garcia Law Firm know how to analyze truck driver logbooks. We can determine from the miles driven, times recorded and other entries, if this driver was using excessive speeds and an alternate route to arrive at his or her destination. We will show driver error caused the accident. Call The Garcia Law Firm for a confidential free consultation at (800) 281-8515.

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