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Truck Maintenance

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Commercial trucks put on many miles in a month – many things can go wrong with them. It is important that both the trucking company and the driver inspect the truck before each trip and after each stop. It is the responsibility of the trucking company and truck driver to make sure the truck is operating properly – according to Federal law. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposes strict truck maintenance guidelines for the safety of everyone the road.

Defective equipment can be a major contributor to a commercial truck accident. If you were injured by a big rig or any large commercial truck, call The Truck Accident Attorneys of The Garcia Law Firm and let us help you. Let us investigate to see if the accident happened because of defective truck equipment. Contact us today at (800) 281-8515 for a free, no-risk consultation.

Negligent Truck Maintenance
A big truck has many parts that need to be inspected before the trip begins. These include but are not limited to
• Steering mechanism
• Tires
• Brakes
• Windshield wipers
• Defroster
• Lights
• Mirrors
• Hydraulics hoses

Semi tractor-trailers need to operate correctly to prevent breakdowns and equipment failures. Regular maintenance is required on all trucks. A pre-trip inspection is done before setting out on a long haul. A truck that does not function properly can cause a catastrophic accident.

Improper Truck Maintenance
Semi-trucks travel thousands of miles every year. The wear and tear of these vehicles causes things to go wrong regularly, compromising the truck’s safety. If there are mechanical failures and/or defective products, it increases the chances that the truck will be in an accident and cause you and others serious injuries.

Mechanical Failures
Truck mechanical failures may be caused by tire issues (tread, blowouts, and alignment), brake failure, improper wheel alignment, improper stop (no hazard warning lights), overloads, or trailer hitch failure.

A fully loaded tractor-trailer weighs about 40 tons. If the truck is driving at 70 mph or faster, the impact can be deadly. If you were severely injured due to an improperly maintained truck, call The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515. Violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations can qualify you for punitive damages in addition to compensation for expenses.

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