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Truck Defects - Tires

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Accidents caused by Semi Truck Tire Defect or Blowout

According to State laws, tires should not be used if there is unrepaired fabric breaks, bumps or knots due to internal damage, exposed cord, cuts more than 1 inch or cracks in the rubber. Truck tires are supposed to be dependable – they should not have defects. Major tire manufacturing companies include Firestone, Continental, Goodyear and Cooper.

If you suspect the truck accident you were involved in was caused by a truck defect, specifically a defective tire, it is imperative you contact us immediately. Call The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515 for a free consultation. Evidence at the scene can quickly be lost forever.

Tire Defects Overview
According to the National Highway Transportation Association, over 8,000 accidents each year are the result of tire design defects. A defective tire is an improperly manufactured tire or a tire with a design defect that is put on a truck.

A blowout will most likely occur if tire tread on a big rig is defective or just old. The driver could lose control of his or her truck if a blowout happens. The truck can then flip or actually go airborne and then rollover. A blowout can also cause the truck to stop abruptly, causing a massive pile up behind him or her.

Tread/Belt Separation
The most common tire failure mode is a tread separation. All steel-belted radial tires have the potential for tread separation due to the difficulty in adhesion of steel to rubber. This occurs mostly at high speeds or during hot weather conditions. When tread wears down and the top steel belt is exposed, the driver loses control of the truck. This results from design and manufacturing defects. When manufacturing plants use appropriate adhesion, proper manufacturing practices and proper quality control measures, they reduce manufacturing defects.

Tire Aging
Tires have a limited service life. Tires that are over six years old should not be sold to trucking companies or anyone else.

If you were involved in a trucking accident where a blowout or tire failure occurred, contact The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515 and schedule a free consultation. We have the resources to investigate your accident and make sure you are completely compensated for all of your expenses and pain and suffering.

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