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Truck Defects – Hydraulics Failure

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Truck Accidents caused by Hydrualics Failure

The goal of all truck drivers is to keep his or her truck on the road and make money; a breakdown costs too much time and money. Preventing disabled trucks includes proper and regular maintenance, daily inspections and reducing misuse.

Hydrualics Failure Overview
The truck’s safety is up to the mechanic, the driver, and the trucking company. A mechanic should not guess that a hose or belt is okay for one more week just because he has a backlog of repairs. A driver must take the time to check the fluids in his or her truck. The trucking company is responsible for everyone and everything it employs.

One of the most common reasons for truck accidents is mechanical failure. The loss of hydraulic and pneumatic system pressure can cause a trucker to lose control of his semi-truck and cause a serious or deadly accident. This can be prevented with proper inspection. Truckers are required to inspect their trucks before every trip – every day. Drivers are paid by the mile or hour so many do not want to take the time to inspect their trucks – missing possible critical equipment problems.

Failing to maintain the entire truck, including the hydraulic brakes, can often result in a serious truck accident. Negligent maintenance procedures can be found by experienced truck accident attorneys – The Garcia Law Firm. We work closely with accident reconstruction experts; they understand maintenance issues pertaining to an 18-wheeler. Our attorneys will review all trucking documents, which include the Daily Vehicle Condition report, the Inspection report, and the on-board computer (black box).

Hydraulic System
Today many trucks use a computer to monitor the performance of the hydraulic system. Manufacturers establish routine maintenance schedules for their trucks. Failure to comply with these schedules can result in catastrophic failure. One of the most common types of in-field breakdowns involves the hydraulic systems of a truck.

If you suspect your accident with a semi truck was caused because of a faulty hydraulic system, contact The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515 and let us discuss the compensation you may be entitled. We will review the driver’s maintenance logs and see if there is any evidence linking your accident to improper inspection of the truck. Schedule a free consultation today.

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