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Truck Defects –Brakes

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Semi Truck Accidents caused by Defective Brakes or Failure

An 18-wheeler has significantly less braking abilities than a passenger car. As a result, they must allow a safe distance between them and the vehicle ahead on the highway because they may not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident. This is especially true when traffic is free flowing but comes to a dead stop very quickly (rush-hour time). If you believe your accident involved a truck with defective brakes, call The Garcia Law Firm. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating against truck manufacturers, trucking companies, and their insurers.

It is the responsibility of the truck driver to inspect the brakes routinely throughout the day and before getting on the road. Most drivers are paid by the miles they travel and do not want to take the time to inspect their trucks regularly - they can adjust the brakes and add the necessary fluids, but they are not paid for the time they spend doing this. A faulty brake system can cause a serious and catastrophic truck accident. Serious injuries can result including but not limited to head or spinal cord injuries, burns, coma or death.

Brake Deficiency
A big rig uses air brakes or drum-like units. If the temperature of the brake drum increases to dangerous levels (800 to 1000 degrees), then adequate braking may be affected. A safe temperature is about 600 degrees.

Brake Failure
When driving steep inclines, improper downhill braking can result in a serious accident. It is recommended that truck drivers repeatedly apply the brakes for a short time and gradually reduce their speed. An inexperienced driver plus faulty brakes is a combination for disaster.

Federal Laws
The Federal government has imposed strict laws pertaining to a truck’s braking system.
This law includes
• following the automatic brake adjustment system requirements if a truck is equipped with air brakes and/or hydraulic brake system (must also meet anti-lock braking system
• develop a braking force equal to the percentage of the truck’s weight
• decelerate to a stop from 20 mph at a rate specific to its size

When you hire The Garcia Law Firm to handle your truck injury claim, you hire an aggressive attorney who will keep you updated on the progress of your case. Contact us at (800) 281-8515 to schedule a free consultation. There is no fee, unless we win your case.

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