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Tractor Trailer Accidents caused by Defective Truck Parts

Truck drivers must ensure for the public’s safety that their trucks are in excellent working condition to the best of their knowledge before taking their big rigs on the road. However, the manufacturer of the truck and the truck parts are responsible to make sure that each truck component was manufactured without any defects. When a truck has a manufacturer’s defect, the risk of a truck accident is increased. This is why truck companies and drivers must make a daily inspection of all truck parts before the first trip and at regular intervals throughout the day, to look for any warning signs that the components were not made properly. When a maintenance schedule is not followed, important parts such as brakes can’t be checked for unusual wear and other indications that the brakes were not made to its specific standards. In any case, whether or not the truck company or the trucker catches the defect, it is still the responsibility of the manufacturer of the part to sell products that are not defective.

Under product liability law, if you are injured by a defective product, you may have a claim against the liable business. Proving product liability can be tricky. You need an experienced accident attorney who understands the trucking industry and knows what to look for, to dig through the details to find the proof. Call The Trucking Accident Attorneys of the Garcia Law Firm and let us discuss how we can recover money for your injuries caused by the defective part.

Truck accidents are not just dangerous; they can be devastating to all who risk significant personal injury. Unfortunately, many truck accidents result because of truck equipment defects. Common defects include:
• brake system
• tires
• hydraulics system

Large Truck Crash Causation Study
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a large truck safety study. The study consists of trucks involved in crashes nationwide – the reason being design defects.
• More than 25% of big rig accidents are caused by design defects
• Brake deficiencies account for 26% of big rig accidents

Truck Product Liability – a truck or truck part defect causes the accident, which results in serious injuries and/or death. This type of defect is known as a crash-causing defect. An example is tread separation on a defective tire – the driver loses control of the truck.

Crashworthiness – Truck fails to provide reasonable crash protection. A truck manufacturer has the responsibility to eliminate unreasonable risk and provide reasonable protection to all occupants.

In order to hold someone legally responsible for your injuries, you must prove they were negligent. Types of defects that cause injury and result in manufacturer liability are:

Manufacturing Defects
The defects result because of a flaw in the manufacturing process – manufacturer’s failure to include a safety device.

Design Defects
The defects result from a design element that makes the truck unsafe – unsafe placement of a fuel tank.

Failure to Warn
The manufacturer is aware of a danger but fails to warn or provide adequate information to the consumer.

The Garcia Law Firm is highly experienced in the area of automotive product liability cases. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a preventable accident, call our offices at (800) 281-8515. Let’s discuss how we can help you win fair compensation because you or your loved one should not have to worry about medical expenses, lost wages, or any other expense due to someone else’s error.

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