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Driver Negligence – Inattentive/Distractions

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A study published in 2006 stated that driver inattention was one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents. It also states that about 80% of crashes involved driver inattention within 3 seconds before the incident occurred. Careless truck drivers can cause an accident simply by changing lanes or failing to stop in time to avoid the car in front of them.

The goal at The Trucking Accident Attorneys of the Garcia Law Firm is to fight for your rights, to bet you compensated for your medical expenses and lost wages. It only takes a second for an accident to happen. If the truck driver was texting on his phone, his complete attention was not on the road. We will hold the driver and their company accountable for their negligent conduct.

It is important for a commercial truck driver to keep his or her mind on the road at all times. He or she should not focus on objects along the way. A truck driver on a long haul can be distracted in many ways.

Distractions include:
talking on a cell phone
texting on a cell phone
reading (directions, map, etc)

Cell Phone
A truck driver should pull off the road to a rest area. Many states prohibit using a hand-held cell phone while driving. Statistics show that 55% of crashes that involved a driver’s distraction also involved a cell phone. There are two dangers involved with using a cell phone while driving. They include taking your eyes off the road while dialing or texting, and being absorbed in your conversation to the extent of impairing your concentration.

Using a cell phone fits into four major distraction categories:

1. Visual and may require you to take your eyes off the road
2. Auditory requires you to listen
3. Biomechanical requires you to operate them
4. Cognitive Distracter requires you to engage in a mental task while driving

Eating while behind the wheel is not a smart thing to do – it is a car safety hazard. Forty-nine percent of drivers consider eating a distracting behavior. Not only is it messy and dangerous, but it also creates a physical and visual distraction for drivers. A driver must use one or both hands to eat food. This increases your odds or having an accident. A trucker should be eating before getting into his/her vehicle or make time to stop later on.

The Garcia Law Firm handles trucking injury cases involving truck driver negligence. If you were involved in a trucking accident that could have been caused because the driver was not paying attention to the road, call for your free consultation today at (800) 281-8515.

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