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Driver Negligence - Construction Zones

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Although not all truck accidents are caused by negligent driving, sometimes roadways under construction are to blame – poorly marked, a vast majority would still have been preventable if the truck driver had taken more precautions. A large commercial truck cannot maneuver as well as a family automobile. The truck weighs more than 20 times as much as the automobile does, and the body is higher and stiffer. Truck drivers must proceed with caution when approaching construction zones. Each year over 40,000 people are injured in construction zones crashes. If a trucker is talking on a cell phone or eating his lunch, he or she may not realize that traffic has stopped ahead.

If you were hit by a commercial truck in a construction zone, call The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515. We will begin with a thorough investigation of the facts. We will obtain a copy of the police report, interview witnesses, collect evidence and determine insurance coverage. We will visit the scene and take pictures of the dangerous road conditions and poorly marked construction zone signs.

Truck drivers are paid by the load or by the mile. The driver and his company lose money if delivery of a load is delayed because of construction on the road. Truck drivers work with Just in Time contracts (JIT). These contracts “push the load” – it does not matter if the weather is bad or the roads are closed due to construction. It puts pressure on the driver to get the job done regardless of the circumstances.

A construction zone on a roadway is very dangerous. Some reasons include:

• Improper warnings
• Insufficient signs
• Equipment left on the shoulder

Disregard for proper caution when driving commercial trucks through construction zones can lead to devastating injuries. A truck accident with a passenger car or with a construction worker can cause serious injuries, including spinal cord injury, brain injury, broken bones, and wrongful death.

If you are involved in a collision with a commercial truck at a construction zone, The Garcia Law Firm can build a strong case for compensation from all parties involved – the driver, the road construction contractor and/or the state where it happened. Contact our offices immediately at (800) 281-8515 and schedule a free confidential consultation.


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