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Driver Negligence

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A fully loaded 18-wheeler truck weighs over 80,000 pounds compared to the average automobile’s weight of about 4,000 pounds. An accident involving these two vehicles will most likely result in a very serious injury or worse – death for the occupants of the automobile. An accident with a big rig can result in catastrophic injuries, such as brain injury, burns, paralysis or death while the driver of the truck can walk away unhurt.

The number one cause of truck accidents in the U.S. is driver error. Driver error can be considered just a lapse in judgment or miscalculation, but it can be far more insidious. Truck drivers can endanger themselves along with everyone else on the road, by engaging is risky behaviors. It can be as simple as truckers who don’t pull over to get required rest. When these truck drivers continue to drive beyond the maximum amount of time allowed in one day, they play with the safety of everyone else on the road and it is nothing short of negligence.

Insurance companies who insure both the truckers and the trucking companies are continually trying to find ways to avoid paying claims, especially when it pertains to commercial truck accidents. The Trucking Accident Attorneys of the Garcia Law Firm possess the knowhow to investigate the evidence and interview any witnesses before they forget critical details. Collecting the right evidence to build a powerful case against the members of the trucking industry and its insurers takes skill and expertise. This is why it is important to consult an attorney with the experience and proven success record in trucking accident claims.

Truck drivers are responsible for hauling huge loads across the city, state and sometimes the country. A truck driver must be experienced and know how to respect the rules of the road. Truck drivers have deadlines when they are on the road. Their companies push them to make more trips in less time. Many drive too fast or drive while tired. Some take drugs to keep awake.

Some of the more common types of negligence to cause an accident include:
• being inattentive/too many distractions
• talking a cell phone
• texting on a cell phone
• eating
• fatigue
• drug or alcohol use
• jackknifing
• aggressive driving
• construction along the road

If you are involved in a truck accident, whether a big truck or a small one, an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney can help prove the responsibility, intent, and liability necessary for you to receive compensation or benefits under the law.

We have attorneys who are familiar with trucking regulations and they will be able to help determine the cause of the accident and whether or not driver negligence was involved. Contact The Garcia Law Firm at our toll free number (800) 281-8515. Our confidential consultations are free.

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