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Dangerous Road Conditions – Defective Designs

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Every day there are thousands of accidents on the roads. Road conditions become dangerous because of a faulty design, faulty maintenance, faulty construction, and faulty adaptation to changing conditions. A steep incline or the angle of a road curve can affect how your truck handles the road. Road designs like these place drivers at risk for potentially fatal accidents.
By identifying defective highway designs, The Garcia Law Firm not only wins cases for our clients but also helps to make the roads safer.

Defective Design
Faulty designs cause dangerous road hazards. Examples include:
• Curves
• Improper warning signs

Curves - A dangerous curve in the road is an example of a dangerous road design. Many drivers can lose control as they steer to avoid going off the road. Guardrails indicate the course of the road to protect the driver on it and minimize the impact of dangers on the road.

Warning Signs - Warning signs with an arrow showing a curve on the road are required by the Federal government. Dangerous curves in the road have low speed limits. After a long stretch of a straight road, an unexpected curve may lack sufficient advance warning for drivers to slow down.
Defective Maintenance-Defective maintenance on roads includes potholes, defective guardrails, erosion and low visibility of road markers, and warning signs that cannot be seen or are removed.

Defective Construction- Defective construction on a highway includes the use of lower-grade materials, and below average workmanship.
Defective Failure to Adapt- Failing to adapt to changing conditions includes dangerous road subsidence or sinking, road cave-ins, and ignoring the fact that accidents keep occurring on the same road.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck driver along a dangerous road, contact The Garcia Law Firm. We will investigate the highway department to see if they knew about this dangerous situation and failed to fix it. Call us at (800) 281-8515 for a free consultation.

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