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Dangerous Road Conditions

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Dangerous road conditions are sometimes caused by acts of Mother Nature – Weather: freezing rain, thunderstorms, snow, ice and fog. A good truck driver knows the maximum safe speed to travel in bad weather. However, there are other reasons for dangerous road conditions. They include steep grades, blind and sharp curves, construction / potholes, and road resurfacing. All of these factors can be complicated by poor placement of hazard signs or even no warning signs at all.

Defects in the construction of a roadway, lack of warning signs and unsafe driving in bad weather can create the perfect storm of hazardous conditions, which lead to serious accidents. The Garcia Law Firm represents individuals injured in accidents involving these factors. With the help of engineering experts, we will determine which factors (defects in curvature, slopes, grading, and improper drainage, bad signage, weather, unsafe driving, etc) contributed to the accident and assign responsibility. For example, when a design flaw is present, it causes problems such as skidding, hydroplaning and poor visibility and we can then determine parties responsible.

The Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping the roads safe and free of dangerous conditions. Improperly maintained roads cause thousands of serious accidents every year. Accidents result in brain injuries, fractured bones, paralysis and death.

Road conditions become dangerous under certain weather conditions. There are different types of weather in each part of the United States. Bad weather can cause dangerous road conditions, which cause severe truck accidents. Bad weather includes heavy rain, snow, ice and fog. This kind of weather makes it difficult to drive safely or to see ahead of you.

Steep Grades/Blind Curves

Many accidents happen on roads with steep grade and numerous curves. Some of these curves are blind until you are on top of them. In many instances, there are few or no signs to guide the driver on this road.

Potholes can be found on all types of roads.

Construction Zones
All construction sites must have appropriate warning signs, visible to all drivers – showing roadwork ahead. Accidents occur because these signs are not always posted. Most city roads have potholes, which can do major damage to a truck if not seen.

Some governmental agencies apply a petroleum solution to the road instead of resurfacing it thoroughly. The petroleum surface is sometimes lost and what is left is very slippery when the surface becomes hot or wet. Accidents from this substance occur mostly on curves.
If a poorly constructed roadway caused your accident with a commercial truck, contact The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515. Let us investigate the facts and confirm that your accident with a large truck happened because of a poor design in a roadway. We offer free consultations.


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