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Dangerous Cargo Management - Improper Loading of Cargo

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An improperly loaded truck can overturn and cause a catastrophic accident on the highway. Trucking companies are required to comply with Federal and State regulations pertaining to materials transported - how they should be loaded on the truck and the weight of the truck. Cargo weight must also be balanced properly. An overloaded truck can affect the truck’s steering and braking.

Overloaded trucks cause loads to shift in transport. If these loads are not secured properly, the goods can fall all over the road, causing a serious accident. The attorneys at The Garcia Law Firm are familiar with Federal and State regulations; we know how to investigate accidents caused by cargo overloading. Your accident most probably could have been avoided; let us investigate for you.

Today huge trucks cover the roadways carrying all kinds of cargo. Because of cargo overloads or cargo shifting in the truck, accidents occur.

Examples of these include:
• Improperly secured tarps result in debris covering the roads and hitting passing cars
• Pipes fall onto the roadway
• Chemical spills
• Gas leaks
• Cargo overload
• Load shift

Adding overloaded cargo to an over-sized truck causes top-heaviness. An overloaded cargo is more likely to shift while in motion causing objects to fall off the truck into the road or on a passing vehicle. A truck can be carrying appliances, heavy pipes, logs or dangerous chemicals. An improperly loaded truck can cause a multi-vehicle accident along with serious injuries and death.

Overloading can increase the risk of jackknifing or overturning around curves. Jackknifing is a dangerous situation that happens when there is loss of traction on a slick road – causing skidding. If the driver hits the brakes, it causes them to lock and leaves the skidding wheel without enough traction to stop. The heavy cargo in the back of the truck keeps moving forward by the sheer force of momentum and the tail of the truck can move ahead of the front of the truck. The rig will be out of control and swing sideways into the tractor. To prevent jackknifing, the driver should check his or her mirrors frequently to make sure the trailer is not swinging and brake properly.

Today, one truck company does not necessarily do all the work involved in delivering cargo. The truck can belong to Company X while Company Y employs the driver and Company Z loads the cargo. The liability can belong to as many as three companies if an accident involving overloaded cargo occurs. Even though one party improperly loaded the cargo, the driver is responsible for inspecting the load before leaving the dock.
A serious injury caused by debris falling from a truck can cause long-lasting emotional and physical damage.

The truck accident attorneys at The Garcia Law Firm are familiar with cargo-related truck accidents. We will determine who is liable for your injuries and make sure you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and mental anguish. Call us toll free at (800) 281-8515 today.

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