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Dangerous Cargo Management - Hazardous Cargo & Spills

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A substance capable of posing a risk to health or safety is hazardous materials or “Hazmat”. Shipping and hauling these materials is regulated and controlled by the Federal government; drivers must be trained and licensed. Hazmat materials are classified according to risk: fire, explosives, flammable, toxicity, arsenic, infectious, and radioactive.

If you were injured by a truck carrying hazardous materials or chemicals, call The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515. We will consult with investigators, trucking professionals and hazardous material professionals to see if this accident could have been avoided. Our attorneys are experienced in hazardous cargo spills.

A truck carrying hazmat materials must be certified by the Department of Transportation. Drivers of these materials must have a special license besides their commercial driver’s license. Truck accidents where chemical spills occur are usually because of driver error or improperly loaded cargo. Injuries sustained after a chemical spill include:
• burns
• lung damage
• disfigurement
• carcinogens exposure
• head injuries
• amputations
• loss of eyesight
• gastro-intestinal damage

When transporting hazardous materials, they must be identified with a placard or label, and packaged correctly. The United Nations determined these requirements and the Department of Transportation adopted them for truck drivers. A 4-digit United Nations number must be used by tractor-trailers. This number can be identified by the fire department, police department or an ambulance at the scene. The 4-digit number identifies the materials being carried in the truck. Failure to comply with these requirements by a trucking company constitutes negligence and the company will be held liable.

In addition, truckers transport many chemicals and gases that require refrigeration. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure that the refrigeration is working properly. When carrying these chemicals, certain specific routes are used.
Exposure to hazardous materials can cause long-term health problems such as cancer or brain damage.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck carrying poisonous chemicals or gases that spilled on the highway because it might not have been secured correctly, contact The Garcia Law Firm at (800) 281-8515 for a free confidential consultation.

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