A perfect date with a Russian woman

We all know that relationships stem from several dates. It takes from two to five meetings to build the foundation for your future relationships. As well, you need some time to understand if you like this girl or not. Nevertheless, Russian girls are exceptional and, therefore, require a special approach. In this article, we will not talk about specific locations for a date or types of leisure. We are about to reveal some general recommendations to make up a perfect date with a Russian girl. As well, this article is not only about the first date. You can apply the following pieces of advice on any date with any girl on annadating or similar dating sites.

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  1. Appropriate invitation. When you have chosen the girl you want to meet, the time has come to invite her on a date. The best method for such an occasion is to do it eye to eye. However, if you had been dating online or basically never met before, you can use social networks or simply call her. Note: the form of your invitation also matters. Russian girls like men to be relatively assertive, especially in the very beginning of relationships. So forget about humble interrogations like, “May I ask you out?” She will not like that. Make it up in “I would like to invite you on a date” from, she will love that.
  1. Make a plan. Planning is always good when it comes to women. No need to make a timetable and fill up every minute of your date. Such an approach washes off the enchantment of the evening and leaves your girl with more questions than answers. However, you still need to make some basic preparations. Want to have a candlelit dinner? Book a table in a cozy place to avoid an awkward situation. Want to have an evening stroll in the park with coffee? Inform your girl to wear something comfortable (not heels). These details can improve and, sometimes, save your date.
  1. Think about your look. Girls are more focused on their appearances than men are. However, a Russian girl would be interested in a good-looking man. In her mind, slovenliness is a synonym for failure. As well, when a girl looks for a man, she thinks about him as a father of her children. If he looks not in an appropriate way, fat and overall in a bad condition – he gets a corresponding feedback. Groom your facial hair, choose a nice yet reserved ensemble. A date does not have a high demand for a bow tie. You should also remember to match your look with a place that you are about to visit.
  1. Money matters. There is a high possibility that you can visit a date without spending a cent and it will go extremely well. However, if you meet in a restaurant or in a café, your Russian girl will look closely at how you treat your budget. Do not be a miser! In her mind, it means that you will treat her and your future kids in the same way. As well, do not be a spendthrift. If you let her order a 200$ bottle of wine – she will be pleasantly surprised and amazed, but only for now. In her mind, she decides that you act wasteful and can in future create some troubles in your family life. Do not forget to generously tip your waiter!
  1. Attention! If you think your Russian girl always look SO stunning, you are helplessly wrong. Yes, she is beautiful and sexy, but she will as well do her best to look amazing on your date. That is why you should pay attention to her look. However, she will like you even more if you compliment her intelligence. Do not go for trivial compliments like, “You have such a beautiful smile!” and, oh Lord please do not compliment her eyes. She knows they are beautiful and had heard it so many times before. You would also need to build a proper dialogue. Avoid such topics as religion, previous relationships, wars, diseases etc. Talk about something that can trigger positive emotions. Let it be childhood memories, family, goals in life and other enthusiastic stuff.
  1. Walking to her door and kissing. Girls love men to be gallant, especially Russian girls that suffer from Russian men’s infantilism and carelessness. She will probably want you to talk to her at the door. It is a sign of your ability to protect and secure. If the date has gone well, lips must come into play. Even if it is just a peck. It gives her more peace of mind than you can imagine. Do not be discouraged if she hesitates to kiss you in return. A Russian woman is rather shy and feels nervous because she really likes you. Likewise, do not force her if she does not want to kiss. Remember that assertiveness is good in some cases while in others it is a huge turn-off.

Busting myths about Russian women

Russian brides are a popular topic nowadays. While some men believe these girls are better than Western girls are, others would say that they do not understand all the ado about nothing. Nevertheless, it has become universally acknowledged that a Russian bride is a trend. Western men want to get one as soon as possible. Browsing through the Internet, you can come across various ridiculous stories and myths about Russian girls. They are produced and written mostly by disappointed Western women that fell out of men’s favor. In this article, we are going to talk about these myths. Some of them will be busted, others will get our approval.


Russian girls repeatedly turned out to be gold-diggers. Busted. You can frequently hear this accusation from women and men all over the world. Oh, how wrong they are. Of course, we cannot speak for 100% of Russian girls. Some of them could definitely marry someone to improve their financial situation (even so, these girls are thankful and, in the end, will be truly regretful about this decision). These situations are quite rare and are more of a surprise for other girls. One of the most significant features of a Russian girl is her self-dependence. The girls are raised with the understanding of the necessity of providing herself and, even more, of being high-minded. Most of them are properly educated (we will talk about it later in details) and have nice jobs. Even though most of them deep down in their hearts want to become mothers and wives, having career ambitions is also quite common. So, no – she does not need your money. She will need your support during her pregnancy, yet it is not her whim but a general necessity.

Russian women are better educated and overall smarter. Approved. The Soviet Union, no matter how bad it was, had left a great heritage of education. It is all-around, comprehensive, and, oh Lord, compulsory. A Russian woman sees this not as an obligation, but as a stepping-stone for achieving success in her life. Not only a school but also universities are trendy and popular among Russian adolescents. Therefore, when you meet a Russian girl, she is already a well-educated person with certain horizons and her own vision of life. How does it affect you? Just imagine how great it feels to live your life with an individuality, the one that can keep any conversation going and help you with anything you need. The truth is – they are not merely educated but also more educated and smarter than many girls in the Western world are. As well, Russian girls are less spoiled (less yet a bit spoiled – every girl should be spoiled a bit). Note: her cleverness can also be a problem: the smarter a girl is, the more selective she becomes. You will have to do your best to win her heart.

Russian women have no career interests. Busted. Have you ever seen an intelligent human being without a career interest? Neither did us. On one hand, living in Russia is not that horrible as you can see on the Internet (stereotypical anecdotes about bears and vodka are totally overestimated). Nevertheless, it is a bit harder than life in the Western world due to the absence of state support and social security. That is why girls from scratch prepare themselves for living. Career building is the essential part of modern life, even in the Russian Federation. On the other hand, people in the Western world suggest Russian women can only play the role of mother\wife properly. While other roles are unaffordable for them. What a pity to hear these ideas! Russian women can and actually become successful in various fields including machinery and construction. Frankly speaking, their possibilities are close to limitless. Likewise, a Russian girl hates when you think that she is only keen on housekeeping. She will forgive such an approach but will never forget it, so be careful.

Russian girls are all about femininity and beauty. Approved. We do not want to say that other girls are not pretty. However, you may not find so many beautiful and healthy-looking woman elsewhere in the world. Men subconsciously understand that a young and blooming girl is at the peak of her fertility and able to give birth to a child without any possible problems. Among from that, Russian girls are flawless and extremely diversified. You may find blonde-haired women and brunette, tall and small girls. Take a short look at Russian on a world map. It is huge! Therefore, girls are truly different and you can easily find the one that fits your requests and desires.

The legal aspect of family relationship. Alimony

When mutual love and feelings are what makes people get married, when it comes to divorce and alimony, those are the most pressing topic for almost every family in modern society in all countries. This topic is important not only for adult men and women in marriage, but also for children who have their own rights. As long as family members are happy everything is great. But do all families live like this? According to various statistics, from 40% to 60% of marriages are falling apart. Most families split up during the first five years of marriage! Main duties of every parent The main duty of parents is to maintain their children and pay alimony. There are various ways to fulfill these responsibilities. If the parents have reached an agreement, they can fix it in a written form. If the parent who lives separately shies away from his duties to support a minor child or children, then the way of his (her) participation is determined by the court at the suit of the other parent or persons replacing them (guardians). In other words, payment of alimony is awarded. What is alimony? Alimony are the means for the maintenance of the child, which are awarded as a share of the incom1e of their payer, or in a solid sum of money. It should be a fixed sum of money awarding if the payer has an irregular, non-permanent income, or the code receives part of the income in kind. If the alimony payer has a permanent job and, accordingly, a permanent income, then alimony is awarded as a share of earnings. The amount of alimony It is determined by the court in each particular case, taking into account the circumstances specified by the government of a country which include: 1) the state of health and financial situation of the child; 2) the health and financial situation of the alimony payer; 3) whether the payer has alimony of other children, a disabled husband, wife, parents, daughter, son; 4) other circumstances of significant importance. And how are alimony collected from non-working or from those who work without formalizing labor relations? Since in the overwhelming majority of cases, alimony payers are men, it is precisely such situations in society that are considered “familiar”. If the alimony payer did not have a permanent income during the period when the debt arose, but found a job and, accordingly, began to receive a steady income at the time of determining its amount, then the debt is determined from the earnings (income) he receives. If the alimony payer did not have and does not have a permanent income, both for the period of arising the debt and at the time of determining its amount, then the amount of the debt is calculated on the basis of the average wage of the employee for the area in accordance with the fact whether the person pays for the maintenance of the child from his first marriage. In conclusion, you should pay attention to the fact that in case of arrears in the payment of alimony for the maintenance of minor children in the amount that cumulatively amounts to the amount of payments for three months of the respective payments, criminal responsibility may be imposed