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Washington Truck Accident Attorneys

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Washington Trucking Accidents
When a passenger car tangles with an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer, the results can be devastating. A large truck (over 10,000 pounds) on a Washington roadway can cause catastrophic damage and injuries when involved in an accident. Aside from being very heavy, they may also be carrying hazardous materials that can cause an explosion or fire. Most of the time it is the individuals in the passenger vehicle that suffer injuries such as to the head or spine.

Washington Truck Laws
• The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations govern all commercial trucks involved in interstate traffic.
• Washington law requires intrastate drivers to be at least 18 years of age It must be reported to the Washington Department of Licensing if a commercial driver tests positive for
drugs or alcohol
• The Washington State patrol has adopted hours of service
• A driver hauling logs or agricultural products is not permitted to drive more than 12 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty.

Truck accidents have numerous causes, including
• Driver fatigue
• Reckless driving
• Speeding
• Alcohol or drugs
• Truck overload
• Mechanical failure
• Improper maintenance

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