A perfect date with a Russian woman

We all know that relationships stem from several dates. It takes from two to five meetings to build the foundation for your future relationships. As well, you need some time to understand if you like this girl or not. Nevertheless, Russian girls are exceptional and, therefore, require a special approach. In this article, we will not talk about specific locations for a date or types of leisure. We are about to reveal some general recommendations to make up a perfect date with a Russian girl. As well, this article is not only about the first date. You can apply the following pieces of advice on any date with any girl on annadating or similar dating sites.

russiang dating
  1. Appropriate invitation. When you have chosen the girl you want to meet, the time has come to invite her on a date. The best method for such an occasion is to do it eye to eye. However, if you had been dating online or basically never met before, you can use social networks or simply call her. Note: the form of your invitation also matters. Russian girls like men to be relatively assertive, especially in the very beginning of relationships. So forget about humble interrogations like, “May I ask you out?” She will not like that. Make it up in “I would like to invite you on a date” from, she will love that.
  1. Make a plan. Planning is always good when it comes to women. No need to make a timetable and fill up every minute of your date. Such an approach washes off the enchantment of the evening and leaves your girl with more questions than answers. However, you still need to make some basic preparations. Want to have a candlelit dinner? Book a table in a cozy place to avoid an awkward situation. Want to have an evening stroll in the park with coffee? Inform your girl to wear something comfortable (not heels). These details can improve and, sometimes, save your date.
  1. Think about your look. Girls are more focused on their appearances than men are. However, a Russian girl would be interested in a good-looking man. In her mind, slovenliness is a synonym for failure. As well, when a girl looks for a man, she thinks about him as a father of her children. If he looks not in an appropriate way, fat and overall in a bad condition – he gets a corresponding feedback. Groom your facial hair, choose a nice yet reserved ensemble. A date does not have a high demand for a bow tie. You should also remember to match your look with a place that you are about to visit.
  1. Money matters. There is a high possibility that you can visit a date without spending a cent and it will go extremely well. However, if you meet in a restaurant or in a café, your Russian girl will look closely at how you treat your budget. Do not be a miser! In her mind, it means that you will treat her and your future kids in the same way. As well, do not be a spendthrift. If you let her order a 200$ bottle of wine – she will be pleasantly surprised and amazed, but only for now. In her mind, she decides that you act wasteful and can in future create some troubles in your family life. Do not forget to generously tip your waiter!
  1. Attention! If you think your Russian girl always look SO stunning, you are helplessly wrong. Yes, she is beautiful and sexy, but she will as well do her best to look amazing on your date. That is why you should pay attention to her look. However, she will like you even more if you compliment her intelligence. Do not go for trivial compliments like, “You have such a beautiful smile!” and, oh Lord please do not compliment her eyes. She knows they are beautiful and had heard it so many times before. You would also need to build a proper dialogue. Avoid such topics as religion, previous relationships, wars, diseases etc. Talk about something that can trigger positive emotions. Let it be childhood memories, family, goals in life and other enthusiastic stuff.
  1. Walking to her door and kissing. Girls love men to be gallant, especially Russian girls that suffer from Russian men’s infantilism and carelessness. She will probably want you to talk to her at the door. It is a sign of your ability to protect and secure. If the date has gone well, lips must come into play. Even if it is just a peck. It gives her more peace of mind than you can imagine. Do not be discouraged if she hesitates to kiss you in return. A Russian woman is rather shy and feels nervous because she really likes you. Likewise, do not force her if she does not want to kiss. Remember that assertiveness is good in some cases while in others it is a huge turn-off.