Motorists Endangered by Truckers Parking on Freeway Shoulders

As more and more long haul truck drivers use highway and freeway shoulders to catch up on sleep, the danger to motorists is growing.

Parking their trucks in emergency areas, the big trucks are preventing broken down motorists from safely pulling off the road or from checking their vehicles when something goes wrong. Continue reading

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Trucking Company in 14-car Pileup Had History of Driving Violations

Asking for donation money instead of presents, Rachel Beckworth had just turned 9 years old. For her birthday she asked for money instead of presents. She had raised nearly $300 for a charity that provides clean drinking water to undeveloped countries when she was killed in a Seattle big rig truck accident.

AP Transport, which owns the truck that caused the 14-car pileup that killed Rachel and sent 6 other people to the hospital, was the stimuli for a discussion within Washington about truck safety issues.

With shockingly poor safety scores, AP Transport has a record of not pulling vehicles off the road when they had safety issues. Instead, the company put profits over people and continued to run their trucks on the highways of Washington. Continue reading

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Truck Driver Convicted In Runaway Big-Rig Crash

Marcos Costa, a big rig truck driver, was convicted on two counts of involuntary manslaughter and bodily injury in Pasadena, California, after a 2009 La Cañada Flintridge runaway big-rig trucking accident.

The crash left 58-year-old Angel Posca and his 12-year-old daughter Angelina dead.

The truck driver also was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and inflicting great bodily injury on a motorist who survived the La Cañada truck accident. Continue reading

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