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California Joins Washington in Banning Truckers from Talking on Hand-held Cell Phones

Unlike too many states, California is stepping up its efforts to protect motorists from distracted truck drivers in order to cut down on truck accidents. As of June 30, 2011, truckers in California are now required – as are all … Continue Reading

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It Will Take A Football Field To Stop A Truck

If the freeways and highways aren’t dangerous enough, companies like Kraft Foods, Nestle, and MillerCoors, as well as the American Trucking Associations, are trying to make trucks bigger and more threatening to motorists. In 1982 the federal government forced freight … Continue Reading

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The Trucking Attorney You Hire Can Make All The Difference

Recently, a trucking company was ordered to pay $23.7 million to the families of two people who were killed in a truck accident. The company claimed it was not liable for the accident because it didn’t own the truck or … Continue Reading

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