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Trucking Industry Trying to Avoid Responsibility By Calling for Tort Reform

The trucking industry is trying to convince the American public through the use of a propaganda campaign, that purports to use polls and research, that it should not be held responsible for trucking accidents. In “Critical Issues in the Trucking … Continue Reading

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What to Do If You have a Truck Accident

An accident with a big-rig, semi-truck, or other large truck can turn your life every which way to wrong. Often drivers who are in a truck accident will suffer serious personal injuries or worse due to the sheer size of … Continue Reading

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Unsafe Mexican Trucks Entering U.S. Pose Great Risk to Unsuspecting Motorists

After years of controversy and dispute, the United States recently reached a landmark agreement with Mexico that will allow Mexican truck drivers to deliver goods anywhere within the U.S. Signed in Mexico City by representatives of the U.S. and Mexican … Continue Reading

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