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Truck Driver Error Main Factor in Large Truck Crashes

Terrifying truck accident statistics are anything but hard to find. Rolling out of research institutes, trucking associations, and the National Administration of Highway Safety, these statistics paint a very bleak picture of what truck accidents looks like today.

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Dump Truck Driver Nearing Sentencing for 2010 Crash that Killed 4 Motorcyclists

Clyde Nachand, 67, Stephen Punch, 52, Daniel Butler, 35, and Dayle Veronica Downs-Totonchi, 47, will never again ride a motorcycle or enjoy a group ride with their friends. The four were gruesomely slain when a Phoenix, Ariz., dump truck driver … Continue Reading

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18-wheeler involved in accident

The Florida Highway Patrol recently investigated an accident involving a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler.  The passenger vehicle, carrying an adult woman and two children, did not stop at the end of Highways 164 and 29.  The woman driver drove … Continue Reading

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