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Truck Driver Error Main Factor in Large Truck Crashes

Terrifying truck accident statistics are anything but hard to find. Rolling out of research institutes, trucking associations, and the National Administration of Highway Safety, these statistics paint a very bleak picture of what truck accidents looks like today.

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Truck Accidents Most Common and Dangerous in Rural Areas

America‚Äôs rural heartland has long been the backbone for cultural and social legends. Producing Daniel Boone, the American flag, and patriotic spirit by the truckload. Rural areas are also home to the majority of big rig crashes and truck accidents. … Continue Reading

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Tired Truckers Often Cause Truck Accidents

Overtired truck drivers are one of the major causes of truck accidents on our streets and highways. As truck accident attorneys, Garcia, Artigliere & Shadrack have handled many truck accident cases in which overtired truckers resulted in truck accidents and … Continue Reading

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