Tractor-trailer catches on fire in Lake Worth

The southbound lanes of Interstate 95 were closed early the other morning when a passenger vehicle lost control and veered into the path of a tractor-trailer, causing the tractor-trailer to crash into a concrete wall and flip on its side.  The truck was carrying PVC piping, which spilled all over the road.  The impact caused the gas tank to erupt and the tractor-trailer burst into flames.

The Interstate was closed for about five hours.  Two other vehicles hit the debris on the highway, but no injuries were reported.  However, the tractor-trailer sustained damages estimated at about $60,000 while the passenger vehicle had about $10,000 in damages.

Florida Highway Patrol said the driver of the passenger vehicle faces charges of failure to use due care.  I suggest the trucker and his employer seek the advice of an experienced Florida Trucking Accident attorney to see if they are eligible for compensation of the truck damages.

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